Recommended websites and videos


Plant-Based Docs ( A Division of The Plantrician Project) International Directory HERE

Why Eggs Increase Risk of Diabetes & CVD HERE

Eggs v Cigarettes and Athersclerosis HERE

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Glasgow School Children Learn Buteyko- video HERE (Every school should have this opportunity)

Jamie Oliver in the USA on TED "Teach Every Child About Food" ( A must watch video) HERE

Treating Ulcerative Colitis with Diet Dr. M Greger HERE and visit <> to learn how improved breathing can reduce stress and aid recovery .

More Than an Apple a Day: Preventing Our Most Common Diseases Dr. Michael Greger HERE

Jamie Oliver Food Education Campaign, join his campaign , just click HERE

The Pleasure Trap - or Why we don't eat what's good for us! YouTube Video

The Institutes for Human Achievement  (Early childhood learning video by Glen Doman)    HERE

The Peckham Experiment   (The aetiology of health)      

The Gesundheit Institute   (A Free Hospital & Laughter)  

The Breath Connection  (Breathing in Health & Sickness)

Asthma Care Kent   (An alternative view of asthma)    

Forks over Knives (Whole plant diet recipes)                 

100% Whole Food, Plant Based Diet (Video)                  

“The Best Kept Secret-Ever” T. Colin Campbell (Video)

Animal Protein-Meat & Dairy- Cause Cancer  (Video)    

Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease Dr Esselstyne (Video)

Centre for Nutrition Studies- T Colin Campbell .