More energy, feel younger & enjoy better health

The question is, would it make good sense to change ones lifestyle and eating habits if all or most of the following benefits were likely to ensue?

Live a longerhealthy life / Look and feel younger

Have more energy / Lose weight, if you're overweight

Lower your blood cholesterol / Prevent or even reverse heart disease

The End of the Ketogenic Debate (Click above)

Lower your risk of prostate, breast or other cancers / Preserve your eyesight in your later years

Prevent and treat diabetes / Avoid surgery in many instances

Vastly decrease the need for pharmaceutical drugs / Keep your bones strong

Avoid impotence / Avoid a stroke / Prevent kidney stones

Keep your baby from getting Type 1 diabetes / Alleviate constipation / Lower your blood pressure

Avoid Alzheimer's Disease / Beat arthritis / Control teenage acne (See short video HERE)

What we eat affects how we breathe!

The 4LeafSurvey that estimates the %age of calories derived from Whole Plant Foods (Ranges from -40 to +40) (
Breathing measure used: The Control Pause that estimates the degree of chronic hidden hyperventilation (CHHV) or the %age of CO2 in the lungs. (Ranges from 0 to 60 +)


Perhaps the whole plant diet would be worth your consideration?

Why not give yourself all the background and hard facts then you 'll be able to make an informed decision as to whether it is worth making a progressive change to your eating habits over the next few weeks or years? Watch the indepth video by Dr. T Colin Campbell, it is just over an hour in length but in that time Dr. Campbell covers 40 years of research and study that not only has given us, I believe, the best information on nutrition this century but led to his changed eating habits from a young farmer's son eating a big real American diet to the healthy diet he enjoys today.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell

Watch this great debate on "Don't Eat Anything With A Face"HERE

and then decide for yourself the merits or not of a move to an all plant diet.


Reductionism and Deficiency Nutrition Research is not Improving Our Health

Watch this short video by Dr. Michael Greger on this subject HERE

Some of the best practitioners in this field of plant based diet can be seen HERE

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