Lose weight

Creeping weight gain has been a problem as affluence develops.

The chart below shows the vast changes since 1978 in various countries.


The solution is relatively easy and it doesn't mean starving yourself! Eat a low fat, whole plant based diet and enjoy a moderate amount of exercise.








Watch this video interview with ex President Bill Clinton and his weight reduction experience. Just click on the image.


A number of studies have shown significant weight loss from following such a diet varying from 2 to 5 pounds over 12 days to 24 pounds over a year. However other factors are involved such as how overweight the person starts the diet, not eating refined carbohydrates, doing adequate physical exercise and the particular metabolism or body type of the person.

This relationship could be seen in the China Study where rural Chinese ate far more calories per pound of body weuight but were slimmer than their American opposites.


Dr. John McDougall explains how a high starch diet will lose you weight! Just click on the image.


Finally there needs to be a more important reason for diet change other than just weight loss, improved general health is what really counts.

Can Morbid Obesity be Reversed with Diet? Dr. Michael Greger explains how! Just click on image.



Dr.Neal Barnard. What the Dairy Industry Doesn't Want You to Know. Why we are addicted to cheese and fat .

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