More energy, better sports performance

The question is, would it make good sense to change ones lifestyle and eating habits if all or most of the following benefits were likely to ensue?

Live longer

Look and feel younger

Have more energy (ME/CFS View short video oneffect of chocolate HERE)

Lose weight

Lower your blood cholesterol

Prevent or even reverse heart disease

Lower your risk of prostate, breast or other cancers

Preserve your eyesight in your later years

Prevent and treat diabetes

Avoid surgery in many instances

Vastly decrease the need for pharmaceutical drugs

Keep your bones strong

Avoid impotence

Avoid a stroke

Prevent kidney stones

Keep your baby from getting Type 1 diabetes

Alleviate constipation

Lower your blood pressure

Avoid Alzheimer's Disease

Beat arthritis

And improve your sports performance....

Perhaps the whole plant diet would be worth your consideration?

Discover how a USA leading athlete Bendan Brazier found a plant based diet optimized his performance. Just click on the image below.