Liver cancer

Major research with animal subjects has shown animal protein will increase liver cancer development once triggered by any carcinogen and that plant-based protein does not.
Rats were given a know carcinogen, half of them were fed a diet of plant based protein, the other half were fed on a animal based protein. Every rat developed the expected liver cancer that had been given animal protein but none of the rats fed on plant protein developed cancer. 

The increased liver cancer development is related to the quantity of animal protein consumed. Reduction in animal protein consumed has the effect of slowing or stopping the cancer development. It was found the cancer could be switched off and on by changing the level of animal protein consumed. The impact of animal protein on potential cancer development maybe implicated in humans as well, (See Breast Cancer & Animal Food Diet)


For a general discussio of diet and our health watch this video by Dr. John McDougall, just click on image: