Heart disease

The most common cause of death in the West is a heart attack; in America over 40% of deaths are caused by a heart attack more than any other disease or injury including cancer.
Every 24-hour is some 3000 Americans will have a heart attack roughly the same number that died in the September 11th terrorist attack in 2001.
Heart disease used to be a condition of old age, today it is increasingly found among young people and even children. A study of 300 male soldiers in their 20’s who had died in action had their hearts examined and it was found that 77% had evidence of gross heart disease.
What is heart disease?
Most heart disease is associated with a narrowing of arteries supplying blood to the heart due to the slow the position of fatty plaque. At some point this hidden problem goes critical and for blockage on vital artery ensues causing the heart attack.
We now know what are the main causes of a heart attack. Risk factors include the following:
High cholesterol level in the blood.

Dr. Augustin de Livois

Statins are not the answer: View this video by French Doctor Augustin de Livois HERE If your French is not up to the task read on here!

High blood pressure
Lack of physical exercise
Overweight or obesity
Of all these factors the most reliable predictor of heart disease is elevated cholesterol levels in the blood.
Elevated blood cholesterol is linked to consumption of animal based fats.

Smoking and high blood pressure are also related to stress in people’s lives and as stress has a profound effect on our health this should always be addressed and managed. Visit “the Breath Connection” website to discover a proven way of combating the ill effects of stress through breath training.

Thousands of scientific papers been published concerning the dietary impact on heart disease and perhaps the major relationship that is almost universally agreed as a predictor of heart disease is the cholesterol levels in the body.
The graph below shows the link from one study men aged 55 to 59.

All patients who had agreed to angiograms showed reduced narrowing of the arteries supplying the heart. Since Dr. Esselstyn’s study similar results have been reproduced by others and all show the same dramatic improvement to the patient's condition and reversal of heart pathology in most cases.

Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.

An eminent American surgeon was concerned about the poor treatment of cancer and heart disease as there was little effort at prevention but most research work focused on treatment.
He began a major study looking at the effect of reducing fat and cholesterol intake of his patients. This meant almost eliminating all animal products, refined oils, dairy produce, fish and foul. Of the group of patients that are adhered to this dietary change, the average cholesterol levels fell from 246 mg/dL at the start to below 132 mg/dL. Over the 11 years of the study only one participant had a coronary event and this was a patient who had strayed from the diet for two years; after this incident he returned to the plant-based diet and ceased to have any symptoms or further events.

Now watch this video by Dr Esselstyne Jr. click on the image below:


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