Global warming or Enviromental Destruction?


It would seem we have been given much misleading information on the question of Global Warming and its relationship to

Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere from human activities.

The reality is that climate change has been going on since earliest geological times, the above graph gives two of the atmospheric factors,

carbon dioxide concentration and global temperatures.

We are presently in a cooling period.

More important than the concern over global warming is the more sinister environmental pollution and destruction arising from human activity;

the loss of soil, forest and fresh water and chemical and waste pollution of our atmosphere, land, oceans and rivers.

Much of this is due to non-sustainable agricultural practices and our changing dietary habits.

As people become more affluent they are shifting from a plant based diet towards a meat and dairy based diet that requires vastly more energy,

land and water per calorie of food consumed along with increasing use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides that further contribute

to the pollution of our natural habitat.

Kill Two Birds with One Stone

Improve the world environment and relieve the suffering of factory farmed animals, oh yes and improve the health of every individual

taking this step towards a plant based diet

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