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It is with the hope that a number of doctors may want to expand their therapy base beyond the confines of their medical training that we have added this rapid reference section. There is no reason why your patients should not try to help themselves to improve theiir health or try to alliviate the symptoms of their condition whilst receiving any mainstream medical care. In fact most would agree that to engage the patient in their healing process can only be good medical practice.

Diet is the number one risk factor for all major diseases yet is not taught to doctors watch this short video by Dr. Michael Greger HERE and HERE

The first step in educating and motivating your patients in this way has to be make yourself aware of what they might be able to achieve by some research and study on your part.

The Doctor as "Teacher"

The very term "doctor" used to mean teacher when doctors were not equipped with the vast array of medicines and procedures available today, they had to rely heavily on this aspect of their practice. Perhaps the time has come to revived this role of the doctor to try to develop a new generation of "informed patients" who will begin to take on more responsibility for their own health.The Condition listing opposite will take you to the most relevant areas of therapy/support or training that might assist your patient to either help prevent the condition developing or aid in the managing of the condition once established.Whether you simply make these possible options known to your patient, refer to a qualified practitioner or provide this service in house will depend on the circumstances and your own judgement.The concept of Holistic therapy is becoming well accepted by NICE and all health workers, it simply means trying to expand our understanding of the "sick person"; that involves far more than simply diagnosing a specific named pathology and treating the same without reference to the wider life of the person.

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You may want more research confirmation, this is well covered with this PDF "Plant Based Diet - A Physician's Guide"download HERE