Lord Horder speaking at The Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh in 1936 suggested that we should have not a Ministry of Health but rather a Minstry of Happiness!

It is good that today we are beciming more aware of the need to study more about health & less about disease, more about happiness and less about misery.

Are Happier People Actually Healthier?

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Could Improved Breathing Ease Depression?

Many research papers have associated poor brain functioning with poor oxygenation which is reasonable, is it possible that severe depression could be associated with poor oxygenation due to poor breathing? What we do know is that people who breathe normally are generally more relaxed, less anxious and sleep better. Check your breathing HERE

If your Control Pause is under 20 seconds you will be suffering from impaired oxygenation of the entire body. You can be trained to normalize your breathing in just a few weeks.