Breast cancer

There are a number of generally agreed risk factors connected with breast cancer and include the following
1. Early age of first menstruation
2. Late menopause
3. High blood cholesterol
4. High levels of female hormones
5. The proportion of animal-based food to whole plant-based food in diet. The evidence gathered over the last two decades shows that factor 5 influences all the other factors and that the incidence of breast cancer appears to be linked to the level of animal-based food in the diet. As the diagram below shows:

For a detailed explanation and overview of the 40 plus years of research into the food connection with cancers and a multitude of other conditions take a little time out to watch this YOuTube video of

Dr T Colin Campbell presenting his third lecture in Hawaii. Just click on the image below.


Dr. Michael Greger gives a lecture on the dramatic effect of diet on combating cancer. Click on image below.