Autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune diseases all have common features that include:
A dysfunctional body immune system that attacks itself, they are more common in higher latitudes where there is less sunshine and consequently lower levels of Vitamin D, they tend to associated with other autoimmune conditions in the same people, all those diseases that have been studied for a nutritional connection show an association eith consumption of animal protein, especially cow’s milk, and there is evidence that a virus may trigger the disease.
At this time there is no clear evidence from research that the above factors raise the risk of autoimmune diseases but there is a simple idea that some might agree with; if by changing our dietary habits and by carefully increasing our time in the sun there may be a beneficial effect of protecting us from these diseases, why not, if there are no risks from doing so?

For those individuals already afflicted with an autoimmune disease a change of diet could be tried for a month or so and they could then ascertain for themselves whether or not they experienced any health improvement or reduction in symptoms. Nothing would be lost.

To learn more about diet and the autoimmune diseases watch Dr John McDougal here. Click on the image.